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The 5 Most Profitable Startup Secrets The 5 Most Profitable Startup Secrets
It is no longer news that the world is filled with business opportunities and startup business ideas but unfortunately; not everyone can see such... The 5 Most Profitable Startup Secrets

It is no longer news that the world is filled with business opportunities and startup business ideas but unfortunately; not everyone can see such opportunities. This is due to lack of knowledge about the secrets to Profitable Startup.

  1. Do you  Know something personal about the people you do business with?. Some people don’t believe in mixing business with pleasure. But, your business should be your pleasure! Think about how much time you spend on your business. It makes it so much nicer to know what’s important to your colleagues. For anyone who has kids, there is nothing more important to them. Make an effort to know their children’s names.

Or, if your colleague is an avid golfer or tennis player; ask them how their game is going. This doesn’t have to monopolize the entire conversation. But, it is a great way to start off a business lunch or meeting, especially if you have not seen that person in a while Several research studies have shown that people never get more done by blindly working more hours on everything that comes up. Instead, they get more done when they follow careful plans that measure and track key priorities and milestones. So if you want to be more successful and less stressed, don’t ask how to make something more efficient until you’ve first asked, “Do I need to do this at all?”.

2. Never use your children as an excuse. Many times the reason for not finishing a report or being late for a meeting very well may be because one of your children wasn’t feeling well, or they couldn’t find their homework, or you forgot to pack school lunches.

Regardless of the reason, never walk into a business meeting that you are late for and announce that spot ate Carmon’s homework and you spent the last hour redoing the assignment. Simply apologize for being tardy, ask what you missed, and move on.

There will be times when real emergencies occur. At that point it is perfectly fine to let your colleagues know that you need to leave because your child needs you.

Growth is the number one cause of failure in the small business world. However, if managed appropriately, growth can be positive for a small business. The key to positive growth is transitional management. A small business owner must be able to teach and share his/her wisdom and experiences with others or risk destroying the business. By teaching and sharing, the owner/manager is able to focus attention on the “big picture” and allow others to worry about the details. Another key is adapting to the new situation (being a manager as opposed to being a technician). initially, adaptation will be difficult. Entrepreneurs, They frequently spend time in production and the day-to-day activities. To manage growth of a business, the entrepreneurs suggest: “

3. Always be sincere. Has this ever happened to you? You are at a conference, and you meet someone in your industry. You seem to hit it off well. And, you think this could be a good business connection. Your new business connection even initiates the card exchange and says, “Call me anytime.” You follow-up right away with a phone call or email… and nothing happens. After a few weeks of trying, you realize it’s a dead-end.

If you have no intention of cultivating a relationship do not give the impression otherwise. It’s really ok not to offer cards at conferences. And, if someone asks you if they can call and you know you are not interested — tell them up front. Be polite and respectful, but never give the impression that you are going to do something when you know you will not.

4. Respond to colleagues in a timely manner. We are all busy. Someone else’s biggest priority is usually not our own. However, if you agree to do something for someone, do it in a timely manner.

Recently, a colleague wrote a book and wanted some feedback on his first chapter. Unfortunately, his request went into my junk email folder. When I saw the request three days later, I immediately sent him an email explaining the situation and told him I would read the chapter right away and send him my comments.

It was 11:00 p.m. when I saw the request. But, I still read the chapter and sent off my comments right before midnight. Sure, I would rather have gone to bed and done it in the morning. But, I knew this was important to him. We had been colleagues for 10 years. We had worked on multiple projects together, and he never missed a deadline.

Sure enough he was online and sent me a big thank you as soon as he received my email.

5. Just because this is the end of the list, don’t think that this is the least important. If you want to build an organization with great people, you need them to want to be part of your team. And, since we all know life is too short to work with jerks, it’s a certainty that the best people will exercise their options to work with the best other people they can find.

You might be a technical genius, a visionary thinker, and/or a world-class salesperson. But that doesn’t mean you can’t also be kind, considerate and empathetic. The best organizations in the world (armies or companies or churches) are made up of volunteers – people who passionately believe in what they’re doing and choose to be there. If talented people are in your organization despite you rather than because of you, sooner or later they’ll be somewhere else.

Laziness. Impatience. Unpredictability. These are hardly virtues and it’s a list unlikely to appear in anyone’s advice column on how to get ahead in life. But I do believe these are characteristics that shape our lives – as do our inner animal selves. We don’t have to be proud of these particular aspects of human nature, but we should at least acknowledge them. And, if we’re willing to learn, pay attention to what matters, and be decent to one another, things might just work out all right despite our collection of dirty little secrets.

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