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Google Doc and Sheets are limited when it comes to getting work done, that’s why Google deemed it important to allow external add-ons that...
Google Doc and Sheets are limited when it comes to getting work done, that’s why Google deemed it important to allow external add-ons that can make your work superb. To make your work look superb and edit like a pro, all you need to do is install these external features, and you will never miss Microsoft Office again. Add-ons for Docs and Sheets are an important way to expand the power of Google’s productivity suite. That is why Google Play Store now features a dedicated section for add-ons.
Using the right Add-ons will allow you to quickly Send a fax from a Google Doc or create personalized mass emails from Google Sheets, the sky’s the limit.
Here are some of the most noteworthy list of our favorite add-ons you can use to make Docs and Sheets even better.
Add-Ons for Docs

Change Case
For a lot of Folks who have used Microsoft Word for years, it’s a big deal that this feature is not built in by default. While we wait for Google Doc to have this feature built in, this Add-On does the job well.
Make changes to the case of text in block selections: uppercase, lowercase, first letter capitals, invert, sentence, and title case.Current features: – All characters to uppercase – All characters to lowercase – First letter capitals – Invert the case of each character – Sentence case capitalization – Title case capitalization

Lucidchart Diagrams
Lucidchart is the web’s leading diagramming and visualization app. Install now to collaborate with team members and clients on flowcharts, mockups, network diagrams, and more.
Quickly create and insert flowchart, Unified Modeling Language (UML), wireframe, mind map, and more diagrams directly into a Google document.

Flexible, easy to use document merge tool that creates PDF or shared Documents from spreadsheet data.Automate the creation and sharing of personalized documents with autoCrat. AutoCrat is a multi-purpose document merge tool that allows you to take data from a spreadsheet and merge it into a document via a template. Tell autoCrat which fields to merge via <<merge tags>> and then let autoCrat mass-generate personalized documents. Optionally send the documents as email attahchments. Optionally tell autoCrat to run when new forms are submitted to created truly automated processes.

Check consistency of formal documents to help get articles and reports accepted and deliver winning proposals and bid documents.
Consistency Checker helps you to improve your documents and to make the best impression with your text. When working with multiple authors and editors, inconsistencies can creep in. If you want to get bid documents, articles, proposals or reports accepted then quality and consistency make a difference. Consistency Checker doesn’t spend time on spelling or grammar. Instead, it’s intended for long or formal documents where consistency is hard to maintain. It finds mistakes that other checkers can’t find, such as inconsistent hyphenation (e.g. ‘part time’ and ‘part-time’) and spelling (e.g. ‘color’ and ‘colour’). It also finds numerals in the middle of sentences, and abbreviations that appear in two different forms.

Now you can choose from more than 50,000 clipart images provided by Openclipart
Openclipart provides many of the best clipart images available and now you can search and insert them right into your Google Document. With more than 50,000 images in the library you will be able to find that perfect image to liven up your document or make a favorable impression to that new client. This new add-on makes it easy to find and insert clipart. Simply choose ClipArt from the add-on menu and use the search box in the ClipArt sidebar to type in what you’re looking for. Use the page buttons at the bottom of the add-on to view more clipart.

Use Google Translate to translate text in your document!This add-on allows you to quickly translate selected document text between several languages and reinsert it into the document.

This was built as a sample add-on for Google Docs.
Twitter Curator
Twitter Curator lets you search and save tweets right inside your Google documents. It is like Storify for Google Docs.The Twitter Curator add-on for Google Docs helps you search, filter and curate tweets right inside your Google documents. Journalists can use the curator to quickly save tweets around a news event, brand managers can use Curator to capture brand mentions while web publishers can use the app to save the best tweets around trending hashtags.

The easiest way to send and receive faxes online.HelloFax makes faxing a Google Doc easy! Just add the fax number, fill out your cover sheet and hit, “Send”. That’s it. HelloFax can send faxes to over 70 countries worldwide and you get 5 free fax pages to try it out.

Create an UberConference easily from a Google Doc. Quickly create a conference call with all document viewers!UberConference Sidebar makes it easy to have a conference call while collaborating on a Google Doc. Simply select the sidebar from the menu above and dial into your conference number on the right. As people join you’ll see them appear in the sidebar.

Electronic signatures and document analytics for Google Docs. Track recipient opens and views. Esign securely with PandaDoc.Get Docs signed fast and easy. Automate your document workflow using templates, electronic signatures, and many other features of PandaDoc. Track when recipients open your documents and what time they spend on each page. Build smart document templates with auto-fill fields. Integrated with Google Docs, PandaDoc is the most intuitive electronic signature and contract management app on the market. Forget printing and scanning. Get your documents eSigned securely with PandaDoc.

Merge Google spreadsheets to Avery labels and name badges.
Creates a mail merge using a Google spreadsheet for merge data. You can print the Google document it creates, which is properly formatted for a selected Avery product.

MindMeister lets you turn any bullet-point list into a visually appealing mind map and insert it into your Google Document. The MindMeister add-on for Google Docs turns any bullet-point list into a mind map, and automatically inserts it into your document. The first point of your list becomes the root topic of the mind map, while the rest of the first-level points are turned into first-level topics. Second-level points are turned into the equivalent second-level topics and so on. This is a great way to visualize lists and quickly add a graphical overview to your documents.

Texthelp Highlighting Tools: Select, Highlight, and Group Content Together for Review and Learning.Use Texthelp’s Highlighting Tools to highlight key areas of your document to collect, group, and learn from later. Simply select and highlight the desired text and click “Collect Highlights” to extract it and place it in a new document (by color or location) for students or educators to review. Used by educators in the classroom to help students identify and group key facts together, indicate new words to learn, or collect research to assist with studying. Texthelp’s Highlighting Tools are great for all content and grade levels.

The easiest automatic bibliography citation generator is now on Google Docs! Format in MLA, APA, Harvard, and over 7K more styles!The Bibliography Creator by EasyBib allows you to easily create a bibliography for your research paper. Automatically cite books, journal articles, and websites just by entering in the titles or URLs. Format citations in MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard, and over 7K other styles. When you’re finished creating your bibliography, click Generate Bibliography and it will alphabetize your citations and add them to the end of your paper.

Create professional-looking diagrams quickly and easily in Google Docs. Draw flowcharts, wireframes, UML, ERD and more.

Easy-to-use diagram editor helps you communicate your ideas quickly. Makes any idea look more professional and polished. Extensive shape library with hundreds of industry-standard shapes and connectors. Snap-to-grid, drawing guides, shape alignment and distribution tools. Also great for drawing a basic diagram, flow chart, UI mockup, site map, network map, business process model, org chart, floor plan, venn diagram, SWOT analysis, and other technical diagrams.
Add-Ons for Sheets
Wolfram for Sheet
Direct access to the power of Wolfram computational knowledge
Add it to your spreadsheet, and you can answer most questions in seconds.

Wolfram Alpha is a computational knowledge engine or answer engine developed by Wolfram Research, which was founded by Stephen Wolfram. It gives you access to the world’s facts and data and calculates answers across a range of topics.You can use it to perform any research and calculations that go beyond web search results. It will give you website data, historical information by date, unit conversions, stock data, sports statistics, and more.

In your spreadsheet, select the text or cells you want to compute in place with Wolfram Alpha, go to the “Wolfram Alpha for Sheets” Add-on menu, and select “Compute Selection with Wolfram Alpha.” Wolfram Alpha will replace the selection with its result. Or you can search the Wolfram Alpha sidebar for an answer and insert the data or a graph directly into your spreadsheet.

Power Tools for Google Sheets
Quickly manage data format, text, formulas, and calculations in your Google Sheets
One-click solutions for daily tasks: split cells, remove duplicates, change case, find and clean up data, work with formulas & more.

Whenever you feel like you are wasting too much energy on a very technical repetitious task, it is time to find a better solution. Power Tools add-on takes the burden of such problems to simplify our daily work in Google Sheets and brings some features we miss most from Microsoft Excel.

This add-on saves time on the most common operations:
Erase any type of data in the range by your criteria
Split column of text into several by any delimiter or string
Add or remove text in all selected cells by position
Automatically sum up all numbers in the columns
Change text case, data format, reference type and more

The main sidebar collects your recent actions so that you can click once to apply them again. It also allows you to create a list of favorite tools to have them at hand all the time.

Twitter Archiver lets you easily save tweets for any search keyword or hashtag in a Google Spreadsheet. Enter a search query, or an hashtag, and all matching tweets are automatically saved in the Google Sheet. You can write simple queries, use boolean search or include advanced Twitter search operators to create more complex queries. Twitter Archiver can be used for saving tweets around trending hashtags, conference tweets, your brand mentions, geo-tagged tweets, and more. It polls twitter every hour and pulls all the matching tweets into the Google Spreadsheet.

Mapping Sheets
Plot your own data onto a Google Map directly from Google Sheets. Plotting your own data onto a Google Map is in great demand for business and individuals. The type of data we want to put on a map is all over the place, from business contacts to next week’s appointments, or simply your friends’ addresses. For the first time, the Mapping Sheets add-on provides an easy way to plot your data onto a Google Map directly from Google Sheets with just a few clicks. Plus, when viewing your data on the Google Map, you will have access to the fastest searching and filtering tools available.

Getting started with your Data sheet
➧ Enter all your mapping information onto a sheet named Data
➧ Select 3 columns to use when building the map (Title, Filter, and Location)
➧ Include additional columns to display more information on the map Viewing your map
➧ Instantly filter across the entire data content as you type in the search box
➧ Use checkboxes from the selected Filter column for easy grouping and filtering
➧ Narrow your focus to a specific area surrounding a certain location
➧ Click a marker icon to view an info window showing all the details of a specific location
➧ Take advantage of many more features provided by Google Maps

Find Fuzzy Matches
This helpful add-on scans your sheet for typos and lets you correct them in seconds.This add-on is a great assistant for correcting all fuzzy matches and removing partial duplicates from your sheet. Your table may have similar entries for company names, surnames, or cities; you can deal with all misprints in one go.

– Use three simple settings to narrow your search results
– Get all typos grouped by record
– Pick or enter the correct values and apply changes
Besides comparing entire cells, you can look at every word within the cells separately. Set the number of different characters your values may have and exclude short words from the search. Once you get your results, export them to a new sheet or work with them right in the pane. Tick off the right value to change all similar records in the group; you can select any misspelling to see where it is in the sheet if you have any doubts. If all entries are inaccurate, you can type in the valid one. This tool will help you quickly unify your data.

A new way to supercharge your spreadsheets, in your inbox, every week.
Do anything in a spreadsheet. Connect Google Sheets to 100s of webapps and services to automate more of your work.

Blockspring makes it simple to connect Google Sheets to hundreds of webapps and data services. Founders, digital marketers, sales teams, and recruiters use Blockspring to automate reporting, sales operations, sourcing, and much more. No matter your technical background, this add-on gives you the power of engineering and data science – and all you need are your spreadsheet skills.

Text Analysis
AYLIEN Text Analysis for Google Sheets allows Analysts, Marketers and Researchers to Analyze text with no technical programming experience. Use our Text Analysis add-on to analyze documents, news articles, Tweets and URL’s from within your spreadsheet.

Summarize and Classify documents and articles
Analyze the Sentiment of Tweets
Extract context and entities from any text
6 languages supported

Translate my spreadsheet
This one’s pretty self explanatory. This simple Google Add-on allows you to translate your spreadsheet in more of 100 languages, either cell by cell or fully in one click. As you can imagine it’s based on the Google Translate API, meaning it’s got a good degree of accuracy. Plus the code is open source on Github so if you find something you don’t like, you can contribute to it directly.

The fastest way to build mobile apps from Google Sheets and Google Forms.
Use spreadsheets to create apps with no coding involved.

AppSheet allows you to quickly connect your Google Sheets, Forms and Calendar data to create a mobile app. Get real-time updates to and from your app with the click of a button. Customize your app with a range of features including workflows, charts, GPS and much more.

Whatever your data format, AppSheet understands it. And whether your data is stored in Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Office365, or Smartsheet, AppSheet supports it.

BigML Add-on for Google Sheets
Machine Learning now in Google Sheets!

The BigML add-on brings the power of the Machine Learning models and clusters in BigML to your Google Spreadsheets. The add-on provides an easy access to the models and clusters under your account in BigML within the Google Sheet. Using them, the blank cells in your datasheet can be filled with the predictions that the model can extract from the known values in each data row.

After installing the add-on, select BigML from the add-ons drop down menu and navigate to Start. A side bar will appear on the right of your Google Sheet.

QR Code Generator
Generate QR codes directly from Google Spreadsheets.QR Code Generator add-on lets you easily create QR codes from values in Google Spreadsheets. You can generate multiple QR codes by selecting a range of values in a spreadsheet. QR codes are saved either in a Google Document or as PNG files in Google Drive. This add-on is part of Mobile Attendance solution and customers can create employee ID cards containing QR codes.

Data Everywhere
Share data between Excel, your local databases, Salesforce, and Google Sheets, without importing or exporting.
Data Everywhere is a cloud database for spreadsheet data. Open your spreadsheet, highlight the data you want to share, and Publish your Data Feed. You can share the data with anyone, all you need is an email address. Just add the new users as viewers or editors of your feed. The Automatic Publish and Refresh feature makes it easy to automatically sync your data as well. You won’t need to even have the Google Sheet open in order to get data transferred.

Send personalized mass emails with Gmail, schedule emails, insert different attachments for each recipient and track email opens.Send personalized email messages with attachments to multiple people using Mail Merge for Gmail.

Each e-mail message is unique and, unlike putting email addresses in the CC or BCC fields, each recipient will receive your intended message as if it were sent solely to them. Email tracking will help you know when people have read your email. You can use mail merge with Gmail for sending mass emails easily. Send holiday greetings, event invites, school assignments, press releases, schedule birthday messages in advance, create rich email newsletters or reach existing customers with any upcoming offers in your store. Mail Merge works for both Gmail and Google Apps accounts. It has a built-in scheduler so you can send merged email messages immediately or schedule them for sending at a later date and time.

copyDown adds functionality to Form-fed Google Sheets — the ability to have row 2 formulas auto-copied into form submission rows.copyDown adds a simple but revolutionary functionality to Google-Form-fed Google Sheets — the ability to have formulas and cell formats carry into new form submission rows. With this ability, any Google form submission can auto-calculate subtotals, perform a vertical lookup against another sheet, include conditional formats or data-validation lists in new form rows, or calculate a count or countif tied to a cutoff threshold — and these are just a few examples — don’t get us started! Use in combination with the autoCrat or formMule Add-ons for Sheets to bring calculated values and formatted numbers and dates into your form-triggered document and email merges.
Knoema Data Finder
Find world and regional statistics, national data to use in your research
Knoema Data Finder add-on is your “always on” companion helping you to find data and statistics for your research and other needs. It can be used for fact checking, data discovery and analysis by pretty much anyone like analysts, journalists, students and teachers. With a few clicks you get relevant data directly in your spreadsheet.

Solve resource allocation problems with linear and mixed-integer programming, nonlinear optimization, and evolutionary algorithms.With the Solver Add-on, created by Frontline Systems, developers of the Solver in Microsoft Excel (, you can define and solve many types of optimization problems in Google Sheets, just as you can with the Excel Solver and with Frontline’s Solver App for Excel Online. You can solve linear programming and mixed-integer programming problems with the Simplex LP Solver, nonlinear optimization problems with the GRG Nonlinear Solver, global optimization problems with the multistart method, and ‘arbitrary’ Sheets models containing any numeric formulas with the Evolutionary Solver.

g(Math) for Sheets
Create graphs (including plotting points) and write complex math directly in your Google Sheet. You can use these to create a Form!Create graphs and complex math directly from the sidebar into a cell in your Google Sheet. You can use LaTeX commands or the prebuilt codes to create complex math that is not possible using the built-in Equation Editor. Some examples include Geometric signs, custom characters, and formulas (like the Quadratic formula). With the graph creator, you can type in functions and it will create the graph associated with those functions. You can plot points, find a line of best fit of those points, and specify a viewing window as well. This will be an invaluable tool for any math class or math teacher. Now creating math digitally in a collaborative document has become slightly easier.

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