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Tools, Resources and Templates for Startups

Recruiting and Applicant Tracking Tools
JobVite Jobvite Hire is part of a complete recruiting software platform that accelerates the entire recruiting process from sourcing to onboarding. Jobvite Engage helps recruiters create, interact with, grow, and analyze a living network of quality candidates. Zoho Recruit Applicant tracking system for ambitious recruiters. Zoho Recruit is a... Read more
Social Media Tracking and Marketing Platforms
When looking for  Social Media Tools, that will help you track and market to your customers smartly faster, this platforms are some of the best. Brand24 Get instant access to online mentions, grow customer satisfaction and sales. Discover what people are saying online about your brand – as it unfolds... Read more
Naming Your Startup: Here are Factors to Consider
As a Startup, its hard coming up with the right name that is available online and offline. Probably, the most difficult step of starting a business is finding the right name for it. It’s no doubt hard. You don’t want a name that is difficult to understand. They must... Read more
Startup Knowledge for New Entrepreneurs
1. The knowledge about the technology behind the products or services. Every Entrepreneur must understand the Technology behind the platform they are building and offering customers, as that will increase their ability to better test the platform and see if it meets the expectation of what they have in... Read more
10 Ways to Retain Your Customers
It’s a common fact that it costs more to acquire a new customer than retain an existing one. In fact, it costs a company 4-5 times more. That’s why treating your customers right after they buy is just as important as it is before they buy. One of the... Read more
Customers Profitability Analysis
Customer profitability analysis is best conducted with a technique known as Activity based costing or ABC analysis. Customer profitability analysis helps the company understand the net profit coming from each customer which can be calculated by revenue less costs. These costs are not only manufacturing and distribution costs but... Read more
How to Overcome Startup Failure
It’s hard to overcome Startup Failure, especially when you have expended a lot of resources to make it successful. Startups are hard to scale, and according to data across the globe, 90% Of Startups Fail. In a research done by CB Insights of 101 Startups, they gave 20 reasons why... Read more
How to Design the Right Business Model
Its may interest you to know that that executives must know how business models work if their organizations are to thrive, yet there continues to be little agreement on an operating definition. Management writer Peter Drucker, who described business model as the answer to the questions: Who is your... Read more
Is Your Product Fit for the Market
I have come to some simplifying definitions on how to validate product market fitness in a competitive environment like ours. For market, if you constrain the definition to people who know how to search for products in your category, you can develop a pretty concrete test evaluating pre-existing demand.... Read more
3 Ways to Building an Endearing Company
Building an Endearing Company requires a lot of work. While great marketing concepts and advertising are good, just getting your staff to develop great habits towards customers can do the magic better. To build a Viable, Endearing and Profitable Business you have to work on your mission, vision, values,... Read more
How To Build Brand Loyalty
There is a saying that customer is King, and that is why businesses strive to deliver what customers want by filling the gap between their brands and customer’s ideas. Building a strong Brand loyalty increases customers commitment thus allowing to make repeat purchases from the same products over time.... Read more
How To Develop a Successful Career
In business and in life, it is imperative that people continually learn and grow themselves. Learning from your mistakes is a motto we all hear from our parents, but like most things they say, we seldom follow. Regardless of your situation in life and work, if you wish to... Read more
Exceeding Your Own Best Performance
The idea of your PB is the idea of meeting and exceeding your own best performance and standards. Athletes tend to judge their own performances by how close to their PB it is. And, it can be a huge source of disappointment to fall below this in a major... Read more
  Over the past decade, the Internet has become the single most powerful tool in recruitment advertising. Because of the growth and popularity of online recruitment, thousands of job boards are now emerging, giving employers more options than ever before to target and hire quality candidates. Posting jobs online... Read more
  Leaders, consultants and managers must be competent in at least thirteen domains to even begin effectively managing creativity and innovation. Part 1 of Managing Creativity and Innovation covers the first seven of these domains. a) The difference between creativity and innovation. Often used interchangeably, the two must be... Read more
Email Signature leaves a lasting impression on your reader making you look professional and organized, and If you conduct business via email, your email signature is often one of the final points of communication a consumer has with your service/brand. That is why it must be professional and well... Read more