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Platforms for Finding Co-Founders Platforms for Finding Co-Founders
Finding a Co-Founder is really hard, especially if you are not in an Academic environment where you have friends who share the same interest.... Platforms for Finding Co-Founders

Finding a Co-Founder is really hard, especially if you are not in an Academic environment where you have friends who share the same interest. It’s not easy to find someone that complete or compliment you.
But there is quite a hand full of platforms you can use to find one this days.

In January 2010, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick took a different approach by using twitter to look for a Product Manager while building Uber. The respond to that message made Ryan Graves a Billionaire, and Uber is now worth almost $70 Billion.
While stories like this don’t happen every day, we can say twitter can also serve as a platform for finding a Co-Founder for your Startup.
But we are not here to talk about Social Media like Twitter and facebook, but real Platforms for meeting your next Co-Founder.

We have put together some of the best platforms to use when looking for a Co-Founder.

the platform is designed to allow members to connect with others who are up to similar things.
Connect with people who have expertise as
Get access to potential teammates that have complimentary skill sets.
Pick an industry of interest, connect with like-minded people in your industry who share similar passions. over 80,000 entrepreneurs in more than 140 countries who are looking to either build their own business or help grow one.

2. Venturestorm
Entrepreneurs, meet developers. Developers, meet entrepreneurs.
Thousands of startups around the world use VentureStorm to launch and advance their venture.
Entrepreneurs And Startups Showcase Their Awesome Tech Venture. Developers Pursue Contractual, Part-time, Full-time, and Co-founder Positions.

3. Doerhub
You can collaborate with everyone straight on your DoerHub project page. Privately, or with exposure to the public for project scale. Post Your Interests to Surface Complementary Teammates
Discover people who share your interests and have complementary skills. Within and beyond your personal network.
Get Far More Than Likes or Funding for Your Projects
Post your projects, initiatives, & pursuits, so other doers can join, or help out with tasks, exposure, referals, advice, and resources.
Chat, meet, exchange mentorship, move mountains. Your work, contributions, and insights inspire others to join, help, and even fund you.

4. Build it with me
Build It With Me exists to make creating apps or websites easier by connecting you with like-minded designers & developers with the same goal: create cool & useful apps.
Build it with Me is a tool that helps connecting you with like-minded designers & developers with the same goal: create cool & useful apps.

5. Founder2be
Easily find the perfect co-founder for your startup. Find developers, web designers, marketers, and more. Search by country and skills, post and comment on ideas, and be found by others looking for a co-founder.

6. Collab Finder
Find co-founders, collaborators and other makers to help build your project.
CollabFinder Groups give your community members a place to team up and launch projects.

7. FounderDating
Build relationships and get real advice from entrepreneurs, start-up founders, and company advisors. Communicate with a community of world-class entrepreneurs and advisors in your city and beyond, whether 1:1 or through FD:Discuss. Members are carefully screened to ensure high quality.
Connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, co-founders, and advisors to share experiences and solve problems. Formalize it. Work with talented entrepreneurs and advisors to help build great products and companies.

8. Hachi
Hachi unlocks the power of your network spread over multiple networks like LinkedIn, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter. And, it finds the most-likely-to-succeed introductions for you.
It finds the best way for you to connect with anyone you want – your business prospects, potential partners and anyone else you want to connect with.

9. Founders-nation
Founders-nation helps you Find or Become a Startup Co-Founder

10. Startupmatcher
Startupmatcher connects startups with top quality candidates across the globe.
Join 700+ startups recruiting on Startupmatcher. Post jobs for free or chat directly with startup interested talents in our rapidly growing database.

11. Startup Weekend
Startup Weekend let you connect with the best mentors, investors, Co-Founders, and sponsors who are ready to help you get started. Whether it’s your idea or someone else’s, you’ll create a cross-functional team to work with over the weekend.

12. Waxidea
Welcome to the Co-Founders meeting place for professionals. Post your idea and let potential cofounders contact you. Or look for co-founders with the desired skill set or Meet startup founders, help them succeed with their ideas. Join them with their projects, Co-Found with them your next start-up.

13. Meetup
Meetup is the world’s largest network of local groups. Meetup makes it easy for anyone to organize a local group or find one of the thousands already meeting up face-to-face. More than 9,000 groups get together in local communities each day, each one with the goal of improving themselves or their communities.

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