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Platforms to Sell Your Data Online Platforms to Sell Your Data Online
Datacoup Datacoup gives you the tools to better understand your data and yourself. Account connections are established using the account authorization APIs (oAuth). This... Platforms to Sell Your Data Online


Datacoup gives you the tools to better understand your data and yourself.

Account connections are established using the account authorization APIs (oAuth). This is the same technology commonly used by websites and apps to allow you to login with a third party account (such as Facebook Connect). Connecting a debit or credit card follows the same simple process. You enter your login credentials and we make a one time, read-only connection to your bank. Your credentials are never stored and the connection is tokenized. We support all major US banks and thousands of other financial institutions. Currently the Platform support debit/credit cards, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Google+, Youtube, Tumblr, Meetup and Instagram.

Once you’ve connected your accounts, we build a profile that provides an overview of your data for potential data purchasers. Every data attribute has a high, medium or low value given to it. This value is determined by the current demand in the data marketplace for that attribute. The price for your data is the sum of all your active attributes.

The profile shows you the individual data attributes, or data points, that have been pulled from each connected account. Data attributes are things like gender, education, or monthly spending. Each attribute contributes to the overall base price listed for your data. Currently, we only pay out in the US.


Your data has value. Citizenme helps you exchange your personal data for cash rewards anonymously with businesses. Your data will only be used for research purposes.The best thing is you get paid cash instantly into your PayPal account. No minimum usage required.Your data is valuable. You create bucket-loads of it everyday. But alone it doesn’t have much use. By taking control of it in one place, it can become extremely valuable and reveal a lot about you. Citizenme helps you do this, and discover more about yourself through various personal insights.

Data is the new currency. So you should be able to donate it to good causes. Do these exchanges to donate your data to charities, and help make the world a better place.


Quandl is a data platform used by over 100,000 people including thousands of analysts from the world’s top hedge funds, asset managers and investment banks.
Quandl enables publishers of commercial and alternative datasets to generate recurring revenue from data assets by selling to the thousands of financial professionals already on our platform.
You set the exact terms by which your Quandl customers access it. You set the prices; Quandl takes a commission on sales.


Our app lets you bring all your data back together under your control in a secure personal library of your choice and do more with it.When it’s all in one place you can search and discover it as never before. Know yourself better, get surprising insights and make smarter choices too. Soon you will be able to share it with businesses for personalised offers.


Enliken lets any website accept data from consumers as registration or payment. The data is a real-time, opt-in, feed of intent and brand affinity data that’s a snap to integrate with SSPs and DMPs. Our analytics help publishers understand what their audience is doing off-site, including media consumption and shopping habits.

Handshake is an app and a website that allows you to negotiate a price for your personal data directly with the companies that want to buy it. It cuts out the middle man and has been specifically designed for people who recognise their personal data has serious value.
Through Handshake you’ll be able to see exactly which brands want to talk to you, what they want to talk about and how much they will pay you for that conversation.

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