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Aggregator refers to a web site or computer software that aggregates a specific type of information from multiple online sources, A social Content aggregator... Social Content Aggregators

Aggregator refers to a web site or computer software that aggregates a specific type of information from multiple online sources, A social Content aggregator pulls your social media post across multiple channels into one feed that can be embedded anywhere and customized with your own unique branding. The task is often performed by a social network aggregator such as Hootsuite, which pulls together information into a single location, or helps a user consolidate multiple social networking profiles into one profile.

Here are some of the most use Social Aggregator tools.

Create your website in minutes

Flavors brings together all your social content into a single, unified website, for free.

Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and more, Flavors brings them all into a single website. You can use your own domain. If you don’t have one, Flavors can help. Use layouts with your images, audio & video to create stunning websites, without writing a line of code. Also, the mobile layouts will make your site look great on smartphones and tablets with no additional effort.

Twine Social

Stunning Custom Social Hubs for Your Brand

With TwineSocial you can create stunning customized social media displays for websites, live events, and more. Then, manage your social content with our rich enterprise grade management tools.

Gather your entire brand story—any #hashtag, any @account, from every social network. Display your content on websites or displays. Use our beautiful responsive layouts, or create your own with our API. Drive shares and browsing time with integrated cross-network sharing. Get deep insights with Advanced Analytics.


Create a Social Media Feed.

Juicer is a simple way to aggregate all of your brands’ social media posts into a single beautiful social media feed on your website.

Juicer automatically pulls in new posts from your social media accounts. And displays them in a beautiful, easy to install social feed on your website. Set up filters, moderate posts and analyze your social media engagement. Add all the accounts and hashtags you want to show up in your social media feed.


The Postano Platform allows you to aggregate and see social media content from every major social network. Postano can stream content from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Periscope, Vine, YouTube, Google+, Phhhoto, Foursquare, Tumblr, Vimeo, Flickr, and even Weibo! For all other sources of syndicated content, Postano can stream an RSS feed.

Connecting and seeing all of your social accounts has never been easier. Whether you are looking for a social media aggregator to manage a global brand, activate a community across multiple social media channels, or explore an entirely new social network, the Postano Platform makes it simple to bring them all together.

There is no better way to incorporate all the content from your hashtag campaigns across multiple social networks. Postano can aggregate social media content from both hashtagged user-generated content as well as your own brand’s social accounts. This flexibility makes Postano an incredible visual monitoring tool to see how your hashtag campaign is performing as well as a powerful creative platform to help you tell stories together with your fans.


Manage all your social media marketing in one place

From finding prospects to serving customers, Hootsuite helps you do more with your social media marketing.

With the ability to manage all your social networks and schedule messages for future publishing, Hootsuite gives you a wide scope of your social media activity. Adding multiple Team Members makes sharing the workload easier. Social media management and being a voice for your brand is everyone’s job. Team Members make that possible. Hootsuite’s social media analytics give you an in-depth view of how well your social media efforts are being received, so you can run with what’s working or change directions. Increase your social reach and productivity with our App Directory – a collection of 80+ applications like Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, and Marketo, right in the social media dashboard.


Crowdynews is a social media curation platform, delivering social content to the news media market.

Engage Your Audience with the Power of Social Content. Easily integrate relevant social media on your site to increase engagement & drive more revenue.
Brandable social media aggregator is a social media aggregator or social media curator – it allows you to specify content sources such as Twitter usernames or Instagram tags. It then pulls this content into a feed or stream that you can curate/manage and embed within your website.
Curator currently supports Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Vine, Flickr, YouTube, Tumblr and RSS.
Curator can be embedded into any website with an easy to use tag. This tag can be copied into most Content Management Systems or directly into the website HTML. There are also multiple plugins to choose from – including a waterfall/grid, a carousel and a panel.


Integrate. Engage. Display. Socialize.

Increase user engagement. Build social trust. Inspire social sharing. Display fresh social content. Provide a unique visual experience.

Aggregate content from various content resource like twitter, facebook, rss feed and individual urls. Curate the content which you want to be displayed. Moderate content how you want it to be. Control the look and feel of your widget design by selecting from various layouts, themes and other customization options. Promote your most influential, popular and relevant content. Control content to be displayed based on location on your website. Allow your website visitors to see and share your social content without leaving your website. Increase time spent on your website by ten fold.


With ContentFry you aggregate from all major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and many more. Monitor your fans and brand ambassadors, organise your hashtag campaigns and show everything on your social wall, social website or social hub.

ContentFry connects your social media activities with your website. Integrate ContentFry simply with your CMS and display social content on different subpages. Or combine your hashtags with products and show both on a single page or in a widget. With ContentFry you have many options to make social media part of your web presence. ContentFry looks great on any device; desktop, mobile, tablet and even big screens like smart TV’s and projectors. And with our powerful API you establish any design implementation you want. No other Social Aggregator is as customizable as ContentFry.

Social Box

Showcase social content on your website

Social Box connect all social media streams of your business and let’s you showcase them in a beautiful real-time feed on your own website.

Social Box monitors all your social media channels posts. Posts are collected through our widgets. Select your social channels in our dashboard and display then in the widgets. Showcase your social channels in real-time on your website! Increate your users website’s attraction with a floating widget.

The Socialboard

Easily control, manage, and promote your Brand through existing social media.

Social Board finds what your fans are posting socially and delivers that content to your website in an interactive and managed environment on any device.Collect Images and videos from Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Tumblr instantly. Select the images that best showcase your brand, with powerful tools to block posts that don’t. Display the images and videos anywhere, rapidly, and watch your user generated content flourish. Automatic posting or approval based posting. Tag photos with descriptions for even better search results.Block certain people from posting to the Board. Find out who the most influential people are in your audience.


Stackla helps you aggregate the best social content and use it to drive results at every marketing touchpoint.Stackla’s curation and tagging workflows make it easy to discover and categorize large volumes of relevant content, then programmatically match it to segments in your campaign management tools. Stackla’s APIs enable your developers to build custom displays powered by user-generated content or create bespoke integrations for your marketing stack.


Aggregate amazing content published by your fans online. Use Sparkle to drive engagement and increase reach.

No matter if you are creating social buzz on websites, powering live displays at events, or driving employee engagement through interactive displays, Sparkle brings user generated content to any point of contact — building a level of trust no branded content can.

Easily discover and grab content from 10+ different social networks. Pick and choose only the best content with our powerful filtering and moderation tools. Easily customize every aspect of your Sparkle to seamlessly match your brand. Use our beautiful out-of-the box templates or create unique experiences with our developer tools. Instantly launch digital experiences across multiple devices. Drive engagement, increase reach and prolong content lifetime.


Simplify your social networkin a smarter way
Flipbeets curates real-time social content to one platform and easy way to integrate in website, Mobile Apps, Blogs, TV & Hoardings and gives social experiences every where.
Flipbeets tool brings social data to one Platform from Facebook, twitter, google+, Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram, Vine, etc. And engage their consumers and reach new social audiences. Bring real-time #hashtag content from social web and visualize in simple way. Flipbeets social platform supports mobile responsive to seamless compatible in all screens. Flipbeets platform helps Publishers, Media, Entertainment & Agencies engage their consumers through real-time social hub to increase user engagement, boost traffic and drive revenue.


Miappi helps you identify your most valuable content and makes it easy for you to display that content where it matters most.

With Miappi you can curate and moderate your content to create stunning social walls.

Collect and curate your most valuable owned content and UGC.

Display your social wall on any website or digital screen to engage audiences and drive sales.

Add your owned social media feeds. Add your #hashtag campaigns.

Design, curate and moderate your content to reveal the most valuable content.  Display your Miappi content wall on digital signage, websites and apps. Display your social wall where it matters most. Embed your social wall at any size on any website. Display your content on digital screens in stores, hotels, restaurants, at live events or for internal communications. You can even use Miappi on touch screen kiosk applications


Display your social content on any screen. Create a social wall to engage your customers & visitors.

Combine your users & visitors content in a hashtag wall.

Customize to your brand design. Add specific modules in your wall.


Create Authentic Stories in Moments

Display user-generated content into every aspect of your marketing efforts in minutes.

Integrate user-generated content (UGC) into your websites, microsites, ad units, digital screens, DOOH jumbotrons, projector walls, and more to increase marketing performance. Collect content from 15 different channels to involve your fans from anywhere on the web. Then, curate it all through our easy-to-use moderation functionality.


Social media wall

LiveWall creates interaction during your event by displaying social media on your screens. LiveWall collects social media posts from your channels and creates advanced statistics.

By combining social media posts with pictures and videos on your screen, your event or brand has a brand new experience. This social content can be integrated in your website, and you can easily moderate all the content. All the statistics about the performance of your social channels are displayed in easy-to-use reports. Make your event an interactive experience with LiveWall by using social media for an improved social presence with our advanced Twitter wall.

Display social media feeds on any screen
Connect your audience anywhere by creating engaging social displays in minutes.
Discover social content from any social network. Add #hashtags and handles to create a social hub instantly. Change themes, background, fonts and colors to custom brand your perfect social hub. Display your social hubs on websites, event screens or store displays. Use our easy moderation to control the content. collects and displays all social media interaction using your hashtag in a social hub.

Showcase the best photos, posts or videos from your community on 15+ social platforms.

Collect and showcase the best posts, photos or videos from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & others by hashtag or from specific profiles. Use our moderation tools to avoid abuse and pick content you want displayed! Our style editor and customizable CSS make your Wall look really good.


RebelMouse enables companies to efficiently publish content and reach audiences where they are.

Launch a fully-customized and developer-friendly property built for social distribution. Quickly launch a property with the Rebel DCMS, intuitive to use and pre-wired for social distribution. Plug into your existing CMS and unearth the insights you need to connect content to outlets.

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