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Startups to Watch in 2017 Across The Globe Startups to Watch in 2017 Across The Globe
These are Startups to Watch in 2017 Across The Globe Starry The touchscreen router that gives you perfect WiFi. Starry is an Internet company... Startups to Watch in 2017 Across The Globe

These are Startups to Watch in 2017 Across The Globe


The touchscreen router that gives you perfect WiFi.

Starry is an Internet company that creates easy-to-use Wi-Fi products and radical ways to get Internet service. They started with Starry Station, the world’s first ambient touchscreen Wi-Fi station, to give people unmatched visibility and control over their in-home Wi-Fi with a glance, tap, or swipe. They also invented new technologies that will let us deliver remarkably fast Internet service using high-frequency spectrum. And they’re just getting started.Starry Station lets you control and understand your WiFi like no router before it. No more blinking lights to decode. Just a better way to stay connected to the things you love. Starry Station lets you control and understand your WiFi like no router before it. No more blinking lights to decode. Just a better way to stay connected to the things you love.

A dual-band network and separate 5GHz network cover all your WiFi needs. Identifies problems with your internet, WiFi or devices and suggests ways to fix them.

ScreenTime parental controls let you block bad content, filter certain sites and apps, and disable WiFi access easily across all devices—right from the Starry Station and the Starry app. No device-by-device setup. No extra hardware. No fuss.

At present, the service is being tested in an extremely limited beta.

Funding: $30M in 1 Round from 6 Investors



Solu is the world’s smallest general-purpose computer with a revolutionary operating system, an intuitive user interface and a unique subscription model. Our entire ecosystem is built around the way people work and play today, allowing you the freedom and flexibility to get things done wherever you are, whenever you need them done.

Solu’s UI revolutionizes the way people use computers by mimicking the functionality of your brain. The zoomable interface allows you to organize your projects and applications using simple, natural gestures. You can use the pocket-sized computer as a stand-alone portable device, or connect it to a screen and keyboard for a full desktop experience.

Solu’s operating system challenges the status quo by trading local filesystems to a large multi-GB cache of the Solu cloud. It removes the hassle of maintenance, backups and installations, while enabling offline use and native access to hardware. All data is encrypted and kept in protected locations to maintain a high level of privacy.

Solu is the world’s first computer-as-a-service. Its revolutionary subscription model offers unlimited access to apps for a small monthly fee. For the first time ever, developers get monthly revenue based on app usage, which means that you can say goodbye to freemiums and in-app purchases.

Funding: $1.3M in 1 Round from 6 Investors

Instant music videos is the world’s fastest growing social network around music and lifestyle.You can create beautiful music videos with your favorite songs, and share with friends. is the world’s largest creative platform. The platform makes it super easy for everyone to make awesome videos and share with friends or to the world.

Founded in 2014, by creator Alex Zhu and longtime friend, Luyu Yang, is a video social network for creating, sharing and discovering short videos. Every day, millions of teens use as an outlet to express themselves through singing, dancing, comedy, and lip-syncing. The app celebrates creativity with videos recorded in 15 seconds or less that are shared across the community. More than half of U.S. teens are users of Since first being made available in October 2014, has hit #1 in the iOS App Store for free apps in 20 countries – including the United States. has taken off with teens for its ability to make instant, easy music videos. It’s already churning out the next generation of musicians and stars.

Funding: $16.6M in 3 Rounds from 6 Investors



A simple, yet powerful tool for automating Facebook & Instagram advertising

Eliminate manual tasks, launch and clone ads quickly, and streamline your campaign management workflow. Get the most out of your ad budget with our Predictive Budget Allocation, optimization triggers and A/B testing tools.

Scale your ad creation using product feeds and tools like our Dynamic Image Templates. We support all major feed types out-of-the-box and offer advanced tools to map any kind of feed. Retarget these ads based on website visitors’ behavior. Grow your customer base by prospecting with our Automated Ads. Reach new people and show them the products that they’re most likely to buy, or automatically promote well-performing organic page posts to a larger audience.

Funding: $2.78M in 1 Round from 1 Investor



Mobile banking for Young People

The mobile app and prepaid debit card that turns pocket money into life lessons.

Osper helps teach children to spend and save their pocket money more wisely with their very own debit card, an app for children to track their spending & saving each month.

Osper is a prepaid debit card and mobile banking service empowering young people to manage their money responsibly by instilling good financial habits from an early age. It offers a safe MasterCard prepaid debit card and a simple mobile banking app with separate logins for young people and parents. All money on Osper is safely managed by a European regulated bank. Its application runs on Android and Apple devices that also include any iOS device running 6.0 or higher.

Tise, holding her Osper card.

Osper is comprised of several investors, including Index Ventures, Horizons Ventures and a number of entrepreneurs, and individuals from the financial services market. To use the service, young people must be at least 8 years old, and must sign up with a parent or legal guardian. Their parents or guardians must be U.K. residents with a debit card from a U.K. bank.

Osper was launched in 2012 by Alick Varma, who previously worked at McKinsey and Spotify, and also trained to be a math teacher. It is based in London.

Funding: $11.22M in 2 Rounds from 9 Investors


Fuzu provides you with the best insights into the Kenyan job market, a large selection of open jobs, as well as career advice and training. As a registered user of Fuzu, you will get hope, inspiration, feedback, direction and encouragement in pursuing your professional goals.

Join Africa’s most powerful and fastest growing career community. Job recommendations, learning and career guidance for everybody – from entry level to executives.

Fuzu will guide you through your career. Take career or personality tests, read career advice and get support on how to improve your CV.

Fuzu Limited has raised 1.75 million EUR of funding to support business development and expansion.

Funding: $2.41M in 3 Rounds from 8 Investors



Africa has millions of payments everyday, but very few happen online. In Nigeria, just about 1% of transactions happen online. There are many barriers businesses have to face to accept payments online and that’s what Paystack is fixing.

Paystack is on a mission to deliver a safe and convenient payment experience for customers and merchants. Paystack provide Nigerian merchants with the tools and services needed to accept online payments from local and international customers using MasterCard, Visa and Verve Cards.

You can setup Paystack on your site or app even without a developer in minutes. Payments can be completed in 2-3 easy steps. Your customers can make hassle-free payments directly on your website.

Paystack raises $1.3m in seed investment in December 2016 from Tencent, Comcast Ventures and Singularity Investments, with participation from Spark, M&S Partners, Tokyo Founders Fund, Blue Rinc Capital, Pave Investments, KIBS-CFY Partners, Michael Siebel, Justin Kan, Olumide Soyombo, Leonard Stiegeler and a number of Angels.

Funding: $1.42M in 2 Rounds from 14 Investors



Digit is an app that saves money for you

Save money, without thinking about it. Every day, Digit checks your spending habits and moves money from your checking account if you can afford it. Easily withdraw your money any time. Every day, Digit tries to move some money from your checking account to your Digit account. Digit never transfers more than you can afford, so you don’t have to worry about over-drafting your account. In fact, we have a no-overdraft guarantee.

Funding: $36.3M in 3 Rounds from 19 Investors



The Future of Healthcare is Out for Delivery

Zipline builds products that improve access to healthcare and saves lives. Zipline created Zip, a small robot airplane designed for a high level of safety, using many of the same approaches as commercial airliners. It can carry vaccines, medicine, or blood.

Zip is a small robot airplane designed for a high level of safety, using many of the same approaches as commercial airliners. It can carry vaccines, medicine, or blood. A fleet of Zips is able to provide for a population of millions. No roads, no problem.

Zip will help deliver Medicine to more than two billion people who lack adequate access to essential medical products, often due to challenging terrain and gaps in infrastructure.

Funding: $85M in 10 Rounds from 22 Investors



Find, track, and cancel your paid subscriptions

The average Truebill user saves $512 per year.

Have you ever forgotten to cancel a free trial? Or discovered an unexpected bill?

Know exactly what charges you’re receiving every month from paid subscriptions like Netflix and gym memberships, to recurring bills and utilities like Comcast or AT&T. See the full list of services we’ve identified.

Request Truebill to cancel any unwanted or fraudulent subscriptions in a matter of seconds. Our cancellation agents will manage the entire cancellation process for you, for free!

Stay informed, notified, and on top of your finances with Truebill’s subscription tracking tools. Truebill will instantly notify you of changes to your subscriptions and recurring bills.

Funding: $1.9M in 2 Rounds from 11 Investors



Instantly book a nearby luxury hotel room and pay by the minute. Check in anytime, check out anytime.

Recharge is a luxury hotel booking website that allows you to pay by minute. With Recharge, there is no need to book in advance or to tell the hotel how long you plan to stay. Rooms are ready the minute of booking. Recharge is currently only available in San Francisco.There’s no need to book in advance or to tell the hotel how long you plan to stay. Your room is ready for you the moment you book – 24/7.

Tap a button to reserve a room at our nearest partner hotel. Head over to the hotel and visit the front desk to check in and pick up your room key. Tap check out in the app to end your stay and only pay for the time you used.

Funding: $2.3M in 1 Round from 5 Investors


Product Hunt

Product Hunt is a website that lets users share and discover new products. The site, which was founded by Ryan Hoover in November 2013, is backed by Y Combinator. Users submit products which are listed in a linear format by day.

Product Hunt launched on November 6, 2013 when it began as an email list. On July 17, 2014, Product Hunt announced its Y Combinator backing. In Fall 2014, the company announced it would receive $7.1 million in Series A funding led by Andreessen Horowitz. On February 5, 2015, Product Hunt won the “best new startup” of 2014 Crunchie award.

AngelList acquired Product Hunt on Dec. 1, 2016 for $20m.



The home for the best links. Save links from around the web.

Refind is a community of hipsters, hackers, and hustlers who discover, save, and read what’s really worth their attention. Refind highlights links you or your friends saved when you search on Google. When you search on Google, Refind shows your photo below Google results that you’ve saved to Refind. Also, if your best link from Refind is not in Google’s 10 results, it will insert it on third position.

Funding: Unkown



Medium is a place to read articles on the Internet. Medium is a blogging platform, like WordPress or Blogger. Medium is the new project from the guys who brought you Twitter. Medium is chaotically, arrhythmically produced by a combination of top-notch editors, paid writers, PR flacks, startup bros, and hacks.

As a social publishing platform that allows anyone to share ideas and perspectives that matter for writers, Medium offers simple creation tools combined with a larger distribution network. For readers, Medium allow people to follow people and topics that matter to them and receive a personalized feed of content every day. Readers can join in the conversation by highlighting, recommending, or responding to posts.Medium is a new place on the Internet where people share ideas and stories that are longer than 140 characters and not just for friends. It’s designed for little stories that make your day better and manifestos that change the world. It’s used by everyone from professional journalists to amateur cooks. It’s simple, beautiful, collaborative, and it helps you find the right audience for whatever you have to say.

Funding: $132M in 3 Rounds from 21 Investors



Are you ready to hire in a candidate-driven market?

Meet Belong, the world’s first predictive outbound hiring solution that helps you discover, engage and hire unfindable talent.

Quickly spot people who align with your organization and are ready to explore new opportunities. Build meaningful relationships with candidates with our fully automated, personalized engagement suite. Understand your hiring efficiency and drive performance improvements with personalized reports and actionable insights.

Funding: $5M in 2 Rounds from 7 Investors



Free stock trading

Robinhood is a free stock-trading app that makes it easy to buy and sell stocks from your phone.With Robinhood, you will be able to buy and sell US listed companies, ETFs, and many of the largest companies in your home country. Robinhood notifies you in advance of scheduled events — like earnings, dividends, or splits, so you can get up-to-date information at the right time.

With Robinhood Gold, you get up to 2x your buying power and access to after hours trading for as little as $10 per month. This is the only product Robinhood charges you for, and is completely optional. Trading is still commission free.

Smart alerts and notifications

Additionally, Robinhood earns revenue by collecting interest on the cash and securities in Robinhood accounts, much like a bank collects interest on cash deposits.

Funding: $66M in 3 Rounds from 25 Investors



Find the Best Career, Compensation & Companies for You and See What People Like You Get Paid at WorkThe Companys Mission is to Provide the most accurate and comprehensive compensation and culture data, to understand employees’ true value and needs to make work better.

Most people want to know if they’re being paid fairly but don’t know how to find out. Comparably, a new Glassdoor-style competitor, brings transparency to both pay and culture in the workplace.

A worker can anonymously report their salary, experience level, company size, location, and other factors. In return, the site shows them where they rank compared with their peers with the same position and experience level.

Funding: $13.75M in 2 Rounds from 12 Investors



Build your brand or monetize your app and delight your audience along the way.

Kiip redefines how brands connect with consumers through a moment-based rewards platform that targets significant moments in the apps people use every day. This innovative approach to mobile marketing creates meaningful engagements driven by positive emotion between users, developers and advertisers.

Kiip relies on “moment targeting,” which aims to reward people in a “serendipitous fashion.” Targets are based not only on page, screen, or context, but by factoring in other important elements, such as geolocation and mobile device performance.

More than 60 million people have redeemed a “reward” powered through Kiip, and more than 5,000 apps are using its developer SDK.

Funding: $32.01M in 8 Rounds from 19 Investors


Magic Leap

Magic Leap is a proprietary wearable technology that enables users to interact with digital devices in a completely visually cinematic way.

Magic Leap is combines inherent visual ability with mobile computing giving you visual output equivalent to when you step outside into the world, but powered by the mobile tech you carry around.

Funding: $1.39B in 3 Rounds from 15 Investors

The Easiest Way to Create a Chatbot

Octane AI helps your business engage with your customers where they already are. You can Use Octane AI to build up a subscriber base on Facebook Messenger like you would for an email newsletter. When you send a message via Octane AI, 100% of your subscribers get a push notification.

Subscriber Base

Octane AI was founded in 2016 by Y Combinator alum, former Ustream product manager, 2x Forbes 30 Under 30, and Chatbots Magazine creator Matt Schlicht; former Mashable co-editor and editor-at-large, CNET columnist, venture capitalist, Forbes 30 under 30, and Captivology author Ben Parr; and Omegle creator and owner Leif K-Brooks. . wants to make it easier for brands to build bots. You could say the company wants to be the Squarespace or Weebly for bot technology.

As bots continue to fight for respect, has put all of its eggs in one basket? Perhaps bot-building services will help brands provide actual value, instead of resorting to a spray and pray mentality.


Accompany is a digital chief-of-staff that integrates all of the users’ email, contacts, social feeds, and more in the platform.

The platform integrates with your email, contacts, social feeds and more to keep you ingeniously informed on your professional connections at all times, turning your network into a constant stream of opportunity.

Accompany aims to combine the best elements from smart calendar services like Tempo and Sunrise with the capabilities of Rapportive to provide executives with the precise bits of information they need to get through their day. The Startup is curently in Beta.

Funding: $40.6M in 3 Rounds from 4 Investors

Building the Brain of Self-Driving Vehicles is a Silicon Valley startup founded by former lab mates out of Stanford University’s Artificial Intelligence Lab. The Startup currently create AI software for autonomous vehicles using deep learning, which is the key to the future of transportation. The company’s co-founder Sameep Tandon insists the startup is the only company using deep learning to power the entire autonomous system. was launched in 2015 and is operated from Mountain View, California.Funding: $12M in 1 Round from 3 Investors



Widespace is a technology company creating tools to build brands in a mobile world. Using the power of data and insights to drives interest and awareness for advertisers at scale, always in brand safe environments. Headquartered in Sweden, with eight offices throughout Europe, Widespace works with advertisers, publishers and technology companies across the globe.

The platform uses unique algorithms to move ads where they generate the most attention and drive engagement. The Platform also lets user measures campaign success based on factors such as recall, interest and purchase intent, not only relying on clicks and impressions.

Funding: $26.95M in 4 Rounds from 3 Investors is a platform for corporate event professionals, press and brands to uncover leaders they can invite to speak, write about, share products with, or invest in.

This Startup is more like TED Talk competitor.

It identifies new trends and the intriguing people behind them. We connect amazing people doing extraordinary things to event organizers looking to take their content to the next level.

Funding: Unknown


Communicating with customers in the most simplest form.

Intercom is a fundamentally new way for internet businesses to communicate with customers, personally, at scale. It’s a customer communication platform with a suite of integrated products for every team including sales, marketing, product, and support. Our products enable targeted communication with customers on your website, inside your web and mobile apps, and by email.People are currently infatuated with the idea of deploying a bot to facilitate customer support, but why should users have to jump away from their online and mobile presence into a third-party messaging app? Intercom enables companies to add messaging capabilities into their app or product so customers can engage them there. The experience feels like Facebook Messenger, even though on the back end it’s connected with the data businesses are interested in.

This contrasts with the old way where a business uses a tangle of point solutions, like marketing automation or helpdesk products, with every team operating in a silo. This makes it hard for teams to work together and be on the same page, resulting in a disjointed and very impersonal experience for the customer.
Intercom currently has 7,000 paying customers in over 85 countries.Funding: $115.75M in 6 Rounds from 29 Investors


AirMap helps millions of drones navigate the skies safely and efficiently.
The emergence of small, powerful, and autonomous drones, is transforming society. Drones are being used for agriculture, public safety, aerial photography and cinematography, and soon, package delivery. The next century of aviation innovation is happening at the local level, not across oceans, and it’s happening below 500 feet.

AirMap is the leading global provider of UTM technology for the drone ecosystem. Millions of drones and hundreds of partners rely on AirMap’s data and services for safe and efficient drone flight.
AirMap is the leading global provider of UTM technology for the drone ecosystem. Millions of drones and hundreds of partners rely on AirMap’s data and services for safe and efficient drone flight.


Peer-to-Peer Lending Marketplace
Faircent provide a virtual market place where borrowers and lenders can interact directly, without having to go through the traditional financial intermediaries like banks, who have become such behemoths in today’s time that they dictate all terms and conditions for both borrowers and lenders.
The company, which began operations in 2014, helps customers get cheaper loans based on their creditworthiness and helps lenders earn high returns from their peers or community.
The platform help eliminate the high margins which banks and financial institutions make on your transactions. You can interact directly with fellow borrowers/lenders, negotiate terms and conditions about interest rates, tenure of loans, etc, and strike a deal on your own, without any intervention/imposition from our end.

Funding: $5.75M in 5 Rounds from 7 Investors


Myra Med

Online pharmacy
This Bengaluru-based Myra Medicines promises doorstep delivery of medicines within 30 minutes and with 20% discount. Given the upsurge of on-demand services in India in the last couple of years, online pharmacy business has become one of the hottest segments for startups to get into.
Myra is the smartest and fastest way to get your medicines, baby and hygiene products in Bangalore. Myra assures delivery under an hour at a flat discount of 20% and no delivery charges.The startup, which does 1,000 transactions a day, has managed a customer retention rate of 75%. The company has over 10,000 customers.

Funding: Unknown



Zoox is a robotics company founded by Tim Kentley-Klay and Jesse Levinson, developing fully-autonomous vehicles and the supporting ecosystem required to bring this technology to market. Sitting at the intersection of robotics, machine-learning, and design, Zoox aims to provide the next generation of mobility-as-a-service in urban environments.

The secretive startup is reportedly building an Uber-like service with driverless vehicles.

img of the original Zoox concept
Zoox builds fully electric fleet of self-driving vehicles. The company has yet to unveil its vehicle or much of its plans but is one of the few startups attempting to build a car from the ground up.Funding: $290M in 3 Rounds from 6 Investors

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